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How I am saving energy after installing duette?

This is my personal experience regarding duette that I am sharing with you. I live in Ottawa, Canada and the weather here remains cold and rainy throughout the year. Earlier I had installed a UPVS glazing beads for my windows. They were not energy efficient and my home became very cold during night. I have had to use some means like heaters or fire glazing to make my room hot. The looks of these beads were also not very beautiful and someone can easily see some gaps between them and the windows. I was looking for a better option to cover my windows so that light should come at day and my home remains hot at night. One day when I was surfing through internet I saw some beautifully looking duette
window blinds installed in the windows. The windows were looking same as in my home, but they are looking very beautiful having those duette as a cover. I read the features and was amazed to see that these duette were quite energy efficient. I searched for the color and price according to my choice and ordered them. The company workers visit my home and installed the beautifully looking duette in my home. I was so glad that finally I have chosen a right option for my windows and home.

Since the duette have been installed in my home, the amount of my electricity bill has decreased because now I don’t have to use heaters in night and I can read my newspapers without any light in day. Would you believe that I am saving 40% of energy by using these duette?
If you are also looking for the same then let me tell you to analyze whether they are suitable to the weather conditions in your area. Energy Saving Blinds are really energy efficient and can decrease your energy consumption and make your home livable in different weather conditions.

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