TEKNA, exclusive hyperbaric chamber for sale

Tekna is a manufacturer of hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers, which has been developing this business since 1989. Its founders have been involved with diving medicine since 1973 and with hyperbaric medicine since 1976.

This company has an engineering department whose systems are certified under the highest quality standards to transform steel plates into hermetic cabins for pressurized oxygen.
Tekna manufactures monoplace hyperbaric chamber and multiplace hyperbaric chamber transportable with all the necessary auxiliary equipment for any cost and design requirement.

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The benefits offered by the Tekna hyperbaric chamber factory, which not only manufactures custom designs, adjusted to your requirements but also guarantees its delivery and installation throughout the world, provides specialized training and consulting. A further provides the connection plans for the chamber and so you can prepare the physical space and condition it with what is necessary before installing the hyperbaric chamber.

Tekna offers to perform annual preventive maintenance and calibration service at a reasonable cost.

The veterinary hyperbaric chamber for sale designed by Tekna to treat pets and animals large and small, have additional components such as: a system for full climate control, temperature and humidity control, high definition chamber for night vision, system music for animal comfort, fiber optic lighting, pressurized water fire suppression system, controlled spectrum lighting and UV sterilization.

Your pet will feel so much better with this treatment; we guarantee you all the benefits of safety. Thi chambers have the latest technology and you can have them at the best cost. The veterinary hyperbaric chamber of Tekna has a safer technological system currently available for pets and other animals.

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